Thompson's Point Brewers Cup Rules & Regulations

Please read the below information regarding the tournament formats and rules. 



Tournament Format:


- Play is 3 v 3 with no goalies.

- Each team is guaranteed 2 games minimum

- 2 points per win, 1 for a tie

- Head to head is first tiebreaker; goals against second, coin flip if necessary if first two criteria are not met.


Game Play/ Refereeing: 


- All games are running time with two 13 minutes halves.

- 2-minute intermission after first half.

- Home team starts game with possession

- Sticks length of room to be allowed to players after a play stoppage.

- Teams will switch direction and begin play with away team getting possession to start second half.

- Substitutions can be made any time during play.

- Off ice pond official will handle game stoppages, goals, and major penalties or infractions. 

- If puck goes out of play last team to touch puck looses possession.

- All pucks out of bounds will be replaced by off ice official.

- Puck must not be lifted higher then 2 feet. (Knee High Rule)(If so possession arrow will belong to team not committing the infraction.)

- No high sticking or hitting puck into the net with gloves or kicking.

- Player must not be stationary in front or around own goal.

- Players defending own goal must be moving in the crease area.

- You cannot use skate to block shot intentionally.

- Warning will be given, followed by official granting a goal to team not committing net infraction.

- No slap shots (Penalty will be enforced)

- No overtime, teams that skate to a tie will receive 1 point toward pool play. 

- Overtime in playoff format will be sudden death, first goal wins and will advance. (Coin flip to determine possession)

- Overtime games can be decided on a penalty shot, please follow all rules.

- You can score from anywhere. 


Penalties / Sportsmanship:


- Minor penalties are called by the off ice official. Puck possession will be granted to team that did not commit the infraction. 

- Major penalties will result in the penalized player being ejected from the game. A full ice shot will also be rewarded to the team that did not commit the infraction. Possession arrow will stay with team even if they score on shot.

- Reckless penalties (High sticks, infractions on a breakaway) will result in a half ice penalty shot and possession being obtained again after.

- Absolutely no fighting or attempting to injure. Player(s) will be ejected from tournament with no refund. Teams will be forced to skate short handed if it’s a major penalty. 

- Abuse of off ice officials will result in a penalty shot and ejection from the game.

- No checking or body contact deemed excessive.

- No lying in front of goal or blocking net. This will result in penalty shot.

- After all penalty shots, the puck must be quickly passed back to the team who took the shot, and the game will continue right away.

- Breakaways or an empty net where a goal is assumed it will be awarded if an infraction occurs. 


Team Refunds:


- If weather is severe enough for teams to miss event, a percentage will be refunded with the rest of the registration going toward next year’s event.

- Any team who does not pay in full by February 25th will be removed from event without refund.

- Any team who cancels after February 1st will not receive a refund. 

- A refund of 50% will be awarded to teams that cancel before January 15th.

- Weather resulting in ice conditions being unplayable will result in teams receiving full entry fee back.

- Registration will remain open until February 1st.


Player Waiver:


-  All participants will be asked to sign a waiver before their first game.

- Participants play at their own risk.

*Rink crew will do the best to ensure everyone’s safety.


Beer Tent:


- You must be 21 to drink and have proper ID.

- No alcohol is allowed outside of designated area.

- Any participant behaving in an irresponsible manner will be asked to leave event with no refund. No outside alcohol allowed.


Team DQ's:


- Teams playing with an ineligible player will be disqualified without refund. Notify tournament director of changes.

- Teams failing to arrive on time, or that are absent from games without notifying director will be disqualified. 

- Teams not following strict game play rules will be disqualified.




- All players must wear hockey skates and helmets.

- Additional equipment is strongly recommended (Shin pads, elbow pads, mouth guard)

- No goalie equipment allowed.


Player Eligibility: 


- Participants must be 18 years of age or older and be a part of a Brewery Team.

- Roster substitutions must be made before second game and approved.

- Participants can only play for one team.

- Any negative behavior on or off the ice will result in a dismissal.





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